Frequently asked questions


What information do you need from me to book an appointment?

including the following few points in your booking enquires will help me immensely.

  • the date you require an appointment

  • how many people you’re booking in for.

  • Your preferred appointment time - even AM or PM will help - or what time you need to be ready by.

  • what suburb you’re located in.

  • what type of event it is - wedding, photoshoot, school formal etc.

to book an appointment, click here.


What hair styling services do you offer?

i only offer simple hair styling like curls, braids, half up / down, and very simple upstyles. UNFORTUNATELY I do not offer wedding hair styling, but I do however work with some amazing hair stylists for wedding bookings.


how long will it take you to do my makeup and / or hair?

I book out 45 - 60 minutes per person, per service.


do you offer makeup trials?

ABSOLUTEly! i highly recommend doing a trail before your wedding day too. It gives us a chance to meet each other in person before your big day, which i find helps a little with nerves, as you know what to expect. i can also see what makeup style you like, how the makeup is going to last on your skin, how your skin reacts to the makeup products that i use and so much more. if you’re interested in booking in for a makeup trial, click here.


how far do you travel?

I travel 50km from my residence for free with any makeup and / or hair styling booking. THEORETICALLY I can travel anywhere in the world for an event if i need to, but extra travel comes at an added cost.


is my makeup going to last?

of course it will. I use all professional and high grade makeup products, that I have personally tested on myself before using them on my clients. I use quality primers and finishing sprays to ensure that your makeup isnt going to fade, smudge or transfer. If you’re really CONCERNED about your makeup not lasting (you have to wear it for 12+ hours) please let me know at the time of your appointment.


how do i prepare my skin and hair before my appointment?

makeup -

please ensure that your skin is clean, moisturised and ready for makeup application at the time of your appointment. I highly recommend exfoliating and using a HYDRATING face mask the night before your appointment (weddings especially) so your skin is at its best. making sure you arent wearing makeup when I arrive to your appointment is also ESSENTIAL, as trying to remove all of your makeup can take up a lot of time. If you have any problems or concerns about your skin, i highly recommend visiting your local beauty store and discussing a new skin care routine for yourself.

Hair -

please ensure that your hair is clean and dry at the time of your appointment. washing your hair the night before your appointment will ensure that it isn’t so clean and silky that it is unable to style, but clean enough to look presentable. Making sure your hair is dry is essential, as it keeps the cost and time of your appointment to a minimum, as I do not offer blow drying services.


what products do you use?

I use a very large range of products, that I have personally tested on myself before using them on my clients. I pride myself on keeping my kit clean and HYGIENIC by spot cleaning my products between every client, and doing a deep clean of my kit every week. some of the brands that I use in my kit include MAC, inglot, napoleon perdis, too faced, stila, hourglass, model rock and many more. if you have any specific products that you wish use or avoid, please let me know when booking your appointment.


I’m unsure on what I want to do with my Makeup and / or Hair. Can you help me come up with some ideas?

of course I can, thats what I’m here for! We will discuss all of the details of your makeup and / or hair at the time of your appointment, so there is no need to stress beforehand. If you’re after some INSPIRATION, click here to look at my social media pages and pinterest account, where you will find photos of makeup and hair styles that I have created, and images that I use for inspiration.